False alarm fines can be a huge expense in the retail world and impact the bottom-line. Videofied is not only a great way to eliminate fines and provide greater protection to the business but also, importantly, has been shown to improve arrest rates for organized retail crime (ORC). Videofied can be installed as a cost-effective add-on to an existing alarm system so employees do not need to learn a new system at all. In addition to the front doors, loading docks and warehouse, Videofied can be used in non-traditional places like outdoor storage lots, rooftops, or even vacant adjacent spaces in the strip mall. 

Benefits for Retail Locations

  • Videofied can upgrade an existing system to video verification
  • Videofied is also available as a complete burglar alarm to protect your business
  • Wireless installation keeps costs down
  • Business owners can use the mobile app for remote Look-in from a smartphone
  • Remote smartphone arming/disarming available


"For the past three years, Ferguson has used a Videofied security system in areas where ORC is the worst.  Resulting arrests have gone up 50 percent, he said."


"While the classic 'blind burglar alarm' continues to exist, the new monitored video alarm is transforming the alarm industry, Hughes notes, citing alarm technology from Videofied where wireless sensors with integrated cameras (called MotionViewers) detect the intruder, film the event, and send the video clip of the incident to a central station for immediate review/dispatch by a monitoring operator."